Want to become CeMAP qualified without long days out of the office, expensive hotel rooms and scores of lost work hours, GUARANTEED?

Hi, my name’s David Fields.

If you are interested in becoming CeMAP qualified, then this could be one of the most important pages you’ve read for a while.


Because when you read on, you’ll discover how to get CeMAP qualified for a fraction of the cost of ‘in-person’ training, without having to endure the tedious and ineffective ‘e-learning’ that can result in more retakes than passes.

The content provided by Effectus Learning in this course is comprehensive and clear, presented in an uncluttered and consistent style'
Sue Sedwell
Head of Accreditation, London Institute of Banking & Finance

I’ll get to that in a minute, but first let me explain to you who I am and how I came to be writing this letter.

I won’t bore you with history, but a bit of background is useful.

You see, CeMAP didn’t always exist. The whole financial and mortgage sector was pretty much unregulated until the late 90s, at which point Nationwide Building Society decided they wanted a way to differentiate their advisors.

They wanted an external training course that gave impartial proof that their advisors were up to scratch.

So, they reached out to what was the ‘Institute of Financial Services’ (now known as the London Institute of Banking and Finance) at the time and asked them to devise a training course.

And guess who worked there then?


Together with my colleagues, at ifs we developed and launched the CeMAP qualification to the UK in 1998, driving all around the UK to spread the word on CeMAP and get advisors up to speed on it.

I don’t say this to brag, but just to clarify that when it comes to CeMAP qualification, there really is no one else more qualified – I’ve been helping people to qualify ever since CeMAP was invented; originally with IFS, and now within my business, Effectus Learning.

To date, I’ve helped over 1,000 people to achieve their CeMAP qualification, as well as being trusted by Lloyds, Halifax, Bank of Scotland and TSB to train their advisors, and I’m recognised by LIBF as an approved learning provider.

Here’s The Problem With CeMAP Qualification

You’re probably surprised to hear me suggest that there’s a problem with it.

But there is.

To self study the CeMAP workbooks you need to read and understand 1,150 pages for information!   Which is why large companies provide their employees with training courses provided by  training providers like my company, Effectus Learning. 

But what about individuals and smaller organisations?

For them, the choice is not quite so straightforward.

They need to get qualified, but both the options available to them leave a lot to be desired:

OPTION #1 – A week long residential course

Most ‘in-person’ CeMAP training courses are five days long per module, and cost over £500 per course, and you’ll need to attend at least two courses (one for CeMAP 1 and  CeMAP 2/3)

They’re usually in a central location in one of the big cities too, which means that in addition to your £500+ training bill per week, you’re in for up to ten nights in a hotel, plus meals out, mileage/travel and all the other expenses that accumulate when a member of staff is a way from home.

All in all, you could easily expect to be paying well over £2,000 per delegate for your CeMAP training courses, and that’s before you factor in being  away from the office for ten days while still being paid – weekend courses are as rare as hen’s teeth and even more expensive.

And the worst bit? There’s no guarantee they’ll pass!

OPTION #2 – An online ‘e-learning’ course

Thanks to the expense of option one, a number of training providers have made the decision to offer ‘e-learning’ courses, where delegates can take the course online in their spare time.

This option drastically reduces the investment, but still comes with its fair share of issues too.

To state the obvious, being trained by someone who knows their stuff is very different to clicking through a bunch of Powerpoint slides, with no human interaction or access to a tutor.

And sadly, that’s exactly what the e-learning CeMAP training courses are like – dry and dull slides that the delegate will click through in silence, maybe taking them in, maybe not.

Not exactly the best preparation for an exam, is it?

So, if your options are paying through the nose for an ‘in person’ course that doesn’t guarantee a pass or paying an uninspiring e-learning course that gives you even less chance of passing, you’ve got a problem.

And it’s a problem I’ve been thinking a lot about over the last couple of years and considering how to solve.

It took some thought, some research and a number of meetings with my team, but after thinking it through, I’ve come up with what I believe is the best solution to the problem:

Effectus Learning’s online video training takes all of the best elements from ‘in-person’ CeMAP training and transfers them to anywhere that has an internet connection.

In short, our video training is a hybrid of the two options, taking the best of them and discarding the worst.

Still unsure? Here are three reasons why our CeMAP online video training is the best, most cost-effective option for YOU:

Your cost is dramatically reduced

Because you’re not paying for the trainer’s time, we’re able to dramatically reduce the cost of the training, making it highly affordable. You can also re-take each lesson as many times as you need.

Plus, there are no additional expenses, like there are with live training.

You can learn whenever and wherever you want to

The course is ‘on-demand’, and it’s up to you to decide when you do the training. It might be that you allocate a couple of afternoons a week, or it might be that you decide it’s “extra-curricular”; either way it’s your call.

You can be flexible with it

The on-demand element of the training means that you can be dynamic and flexible with it. Quiet for an afternoon? Your can crack on and get some modules done.

What do you get with Online CeMAP Training from Effectus Learning?

50 bitesize video modules
(25 per course)

These modules can be consumed at whatever pace suits  you and your business needs.

Each course can be completed in just four weeks, with three 2-hour home study evenings a week, but that process can be accelerated or decelerated to meet your specific needs – essentially it’s up to you!

The modules are all video-based, with presentations and face-to-camera tutelage from our expert tutors.

Training from a recognised LIBF Learning Support Provider

Effectus Learning is one of only a handful of learning providers recognised by LIBF, the awarding body for CeMAP.

Always be aware of bogus companies offering cheap CeMAP courses.

READ LIBF’s guidance on choosing a recognised CeMAP provider

Physical workbook and study guide

To accompany the video training, you will receive your own physical workbook and study guide to navigate each section of the training and extract the maximum amount of value from it.


We’re in the business of results here at Effectus Learning, and that’s why we’ve added a cast-iron guarantee to this training course.  Do all the training and take advantage of all our resources (including the ‘fail session’ bonus you’ll read about in a minute) and if you don’t pass the exam having tried twice, we’ll give you every penny back.

If you’re still reading, then the chances are that you see the benefit in what we’re offering here, and the next question you’ve probably got is whether it offers value for money too.

And if that’s the case, I’ve got good news – we’re currently running a fantastic special offer that’ll allow you to get CeMAP qualified for a fraction of what it would cost in-person, and with a far greater chance of success than the e-learning option.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to discover exactly what that offer is, and secure high-quality, on-demand CeMAP training for your employees now.

Talking of pennies, onto your investment…

We used Effectus as our partner to help shape and deliver a bespoke training programme to support a large number of colleagues to acquire CeMAP qualifications in the most efficient and effective manner as possible.

Given the unprecedented scale of the training required and the timescales involved, Effectus provided support, advice and expertise to help shape the programme in a way that would deliver our business objectives whilst offering a great experience for the colleagues involved. Communication was excellent throughout and we benefited from their very agile and “can do” approach which allowed us to improve and refine the programme throughout, adapting to our changing requirements and incorporating best practise. A culture of confidence and ownership, quickly engendered strong stakeholder relationships and post completion colleague feedback was very positive indeed.
Richard Lowe
Senior Bank Manager - Halifax

Your Investment

One of the principal reasons we decided to create this was to reduce the financial strain on small to medium firms who need their employees CeMAP qualified but still need quality training, and that’s why I’ve made the decision to price this as low as I can – 6 month’s access to our CeMAP online video training is just £349 + VAT per course.

But, in order to celebrate its launch, I’ve made the decision to reduce the cost of the training, meaning that if you take action before 5pm on Friday 17 July, you can access each course for just £249 + VAT; a £100 discount on the usual price.

That’s not all…
When you take action and enrol on this training, you’ll also get three fantastic fast-mover bonuses:


Your investment gets you access to this training course for six months, but when you enrol on the course before 5pm Friday 17 July, I’ll double that access, giving it to you for a full 12 months, giving your ample time to consume the content, fully absorb it and use it to pass your exam.


Using the official LIBF specimen papers is a vital way to get the necessary practice in to pass these exams, and if you were to purchase them, they’d cost you £27 per online exam (£81 in total for CeMAP 1, 2 & 3).
However, when you take action and secure this course before 5pm Friday 17 July, you’ll get examination papers for all three CeMAP qualifications absolutely FREE


We’d usually price this sort of service out at £75, but when you take action before close of play on Friday 17 July, you will be able to get any questions or clarifications that may need answering, for free, by someone who knows CeMAP like the back of their hand.

It’s Decision Time

Right, I think I’ve said all I need to say. Now it’s over to you.

If you need to become CeMAP qualified and you’ve been wondering where to turn, then it really is a no-brainer to sign up today and access high-quality training created by someone who developed and launched CeMAP in the first place.

And if you are quite ready to start training for the qualification but you will be soon, then remember that – thanks to your fastmover bonuses – you’ve got access for a full 12 months, so I recommend taking advantage as these offers will expire.

Select the course below, and in just minutes you’ll have instant access to Effectus Learning’s CeMAP 1 Online Video course.

Thanks for reading,
David Fields


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